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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Changing Gears: Tour de Fleece start up

The international team was warming up, checking their bikes. TKJ stood near them, surveying the other rookies. Hermione Weasley, Soft n Shiny, Nightrae, Kell, and so many more. She took a deep, steadying breath, looking out at the team. While she was a bit more experienced at the ride, this was the grand equalizer. This was their first tour. She spun the wheels, checking her tension. She had three bikes that she was using, and her first one wasnt the best. She spun the tire on it. On a whim, she had purchased an eco-bike, made from recycled parts. working and upgrading it was a bit of a never ending challenge. 

Today is the first day of the tour de fleece! I started off bright and early, carefully bending and rebending a wire coat hanger to get a good spin on it. And- its been a blast! I'm working on getting a video of it, but a white wire hanger on beige doesnt work out to well for a video. So.. here's the start!
This is the best "It was a coat hanger" shot. The next one is of it in action.
And the last photo for today is of the yarn it produces! Plus, my wrist looks cool in this shot. Right? Okay, Yeah. I need to sleep more, but still.
Some yarn and dyed red hair later.. Its been a fun day.

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