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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day Three Tour De Fleece

"The teams are gathering today- it seems that they enjoy the chance to get to know so many cyclists from all over the world. It seems that the HPKCHC team really knows how to welcome others and make them feel at home. The sprinters lined up today are great to talk with, and trust me, with this over 100 mile ride today, its good to have friends from other teams and your own.  TKJ is in the head of the group this time- sporting a special jester's ride gear. How odd! She's been making friends with other teams quickly, perhaps from being noticed during her first day, as a breakaway rider.  With her are other young guns, RiverCameron, and Lambchop00. Neither of these beautiful women were in the team challenge, but are great additions to the race today! Lets head down to the warm up area, and see what they're up too...."

Ah.. the tour de fleece. They say that the first day is the hardest, but I think that the second day was a good candidate. when working with a team, you push yourself to match your teammates and meet their goals. Then, the third day dawned. And.. you're sore from the first two, making it tougher! So. the first two days I spun the coat hanger yarn of doom. now, I broke out my Circus Star- made by YorkieSlave on etsy. she's amazing! I suggest her everytime someone talks about a new spindle.
This is the Circus Star- who is still my favorite. She'll be joined by lucky later on this month.
I'm still in love with her. 

As for today- here's the spinning-

 Well, that Brings the exciting day three to a close! I'll see you tomorrow! Here, look at the socks I made! At least it isnt just yarn!

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