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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 6- Tour de fleece

"Yes, we've recieved news from the front. It seems just before the racers started today, that one of the HPKCHC team started quite a ruckus. Turns out, today she was waiting for a very important phone call from home! Now, usually, these racers would not mess with phones at all! It must have been very important..lets head down to the front..." At the front in the start line, TKJ was yelling and jumping excitedly. She's covered in bumps and bruises, and lots of scrapes. CG is also with her again, looking equally beat up. She seemed to be yelling the same phrase over and over again, and it seemed like all of the HPKCHC riders were also celebrating. Honing in, the camera caught one phrase. "IM A PARAMEDIC STUDENT!!" she shouted as she jumped, her voice getting hoarser as she yelled it out. Her team was cheering. "Right- it seems that her other occupation just got the green light! Let's give her a hand then.. TKJ, of the HPKCHC, on to fulfill her second dream!" 

 Yes. Finally, after a year, I am getting into the Paramedics program. Its a long and bumpy road, but MAN AM I EXCITED!! Its been a long day with waiting for the "call" (I was in her office when she told me congrats, and then my mother wouldnt stop calling so the program director told her that I was in, lol) and BAM! I'm wicked stoked. It'll be two years of intense study. Lets get this party started. :)

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  1. Just remember, knitting in the back of the Ambulance is calming for patients. (They assume all must be well if you have time to knit! hehe)

    Go, Team HPKC&SHC! :D