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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tour De France- Fleece Edition. Team Trials.

"Surprisingly, the Rookie Line up for the knitting crochet house cup has done awesome so far in this tour! They played hard yesterday, and have a solid line up for team trials today. Lets take a look at the roster. First off, we have Jonboy1987. He's a strong candidate on this team. His attitude keeps the teams moral up, and he's been a solid anchor for the team in training. you can expect him to make a good pace when he's up front as well. Next, we have Kell13, who's a great sprinter. Her research into different equipment and components has really catapulted this team. Next up we have Nightrae, whose really made a solid effort in planning training and working out where the team fits in the line up. Fourth, we have FlyKitten, whose one of the younger powerhouses on the team. She's a go ahead type of girl who has shown no fear on this tour so far. Even with the big peloton crash yesterday, she finished par on course with the lead riders. HermioneWeasley is also a new name to this tour- she's a great asset to the group, and her undaunted attitude and can do spirit have really pushed them ahead in this race. Softnshiny has shown a lot of cunning when its come to how to work the main group of riders- even though they cant push each other, she's worked hard at using the slipstream of other riders to get her team in a good position. Kazpatch is also joining them- she's got determination to make this a good tour, and she's been doing an amazing performance! Jajigirl- while not a rookie- has become a good captain of this team and has really trained and helped the form of the younger riders. Finishing up the team is TKJ- an unknown whose attitude got her noticed when she got into the leaderboard early on. She's a bit odd, but with her completing this rookie powerhouse, we're sure to see some awesome things from this team. They're in a good place, and we hope that tomorrow- they are still there. "

Ah, the tour de fleece! Today, I finished up my Coathanger yarn. Unexpectedly, its really put me in the spotlight it seems. I just couldnt resist the challenge of spinning yarn with a coat hanger. I'll just be glad that I finished it, and celebrate with my team for a good second day. Here's what I did today- plus the description of it underneath.

Here’s what I did. I dyed it so the white was red, and some of the blue to a deeper blue, and kept the black. I wanted it to be the two colors that blood is. Red And Blue. I spun it up with a coat hanger, and made it lumpy and bumpy, like blood getting pulsed through your veins (blue) and Arteries (red). Its tied and spun in with some pieces of gauze pads as well, and I just liked the way that the black contrasted both colors. 

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