Track The Scarf

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sooo.... Nice to See you again.

Where does a 21 year old female disappear to?

Well, the question is, where would a 21 year old knitting, juggling, noveling, Paramedic Student Disappear to?

Relax all.

Let me dust off the camera, push aside the textbook, and remind myself that my word count for NaNoWriMo is a lot higher than it should be, and the scarf is a lot shorter than it should be.

So. Enter the last time that I wrote. August. It's not like I cancelled September and October, but I'll let you know- having 12.5 credits is far more work than you think, until I tell you one is 7.5 creds on its own.

According to this blog, the last time you saw this scarf and the knitter, the scarf was only 14 feet. I am quite pleased to say that it is way longer than 14 feet now. At least, the one section is, and the two accompanying section.

By the way, there's a lot of words involved in this, and not so many pictures.

Pictures will be available tomorrow, barring any tragic disasters.
So, I sit here with a 42 thousand word novel in the making, one needing editing, about four feet of scarf, some juggling balls on the table, and an ocarina and pouch from halloween, wondering where to start. Add in the fact that I'm not sure why I thought I ate breakfast but the bowl is right there, still filled with scrambled eggs, and I'm sure that I'll figure out something.

So, this morning, I sit here with this weird cough in my throat, wondering if its about to snow, and having a second cup of coffee as I try to cut back on the energy drinks.

Till tomorrow,