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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 11- Falling asleep

Last night I slept good. I woke up 8 minutes before the start of the tour, got some coffee and some food, and retreated upstairs to watch the tour. It was a very good day- one crash and no injuries. I've been yelling for a few days about this.. and well, here's how it would've gone down. Mind, this is me putting myself through what one of the riders went through in the tour..

Somehow, she had worked her way into another breakaway. This one was bound to succeed. KJ of team HPKCHC was in the lead five. Her heart was hammering- she felt invincible. She was riding smooth, and happy. She was a bit sore, that was sure, but the rest day was tomorrow- good recovery time. She was excited. They had made it through the late sprint this stage, and, slightly winded, she was doing good still. She was speeding now- there were only the policemen in front of them. A rider behind her yelled out a warning, but in front of her, the rider was slammed by the car that was trying to pass them. She felt the pain as it rammed her too, and she shot off across the road. Her bike collapsed, and she felt her head smash into the ground. She was thrown into the air again, off the road. She had no time to react, but found herself twisting, and flew backward. She hit an object, and felt something slice into her. She screamed in pain, her voice echoing across and back to the peloton. She struggled to move, unsure of what had happened...she knew she had to get up, and go on. And she did.. she got up and started riding again. 

Yup, two days ago, two riders were struck by a media car, and were really beaten. They both got back on their bikes and continued, through unbearable pain and bleeding from where the rider thrown from the road landed in a barbed wire fence. I'm still disgusted by it.

I didnt spin too much today- had some other things to do.

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