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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tour De France- Day 7, the day of pain

The team sat at the finish line, as if they couldn't possibly believe what they were hearing. How could the all stars fall in a crash? TKJ was nervous, and waiting for her teammates to come in in the second group. The cameras flashed around her, but she ignored them. Who cared if she was That Rookie, she was busy waiting to see if her team was safe. Katiemc1229 pulled in, and she threw her arms around her, glad to see she was safe. "Thank God," she muttered. "I was so worried! The house would be in bad shape without you!" Seashelly pedaled in next, and KJ greeted her as well. "Good to see you're safe- cant have my future housemate hurt!" she added. Then, IsisonEarth came through, looking irritated that she was delayed so much. KJ greeted her as well, welcoming her to the finish. The HPKCHC team had made it through safely. 

Yikes! If you were watching the tour, then you know how bad it was today! There was a horrid crash, and its looking bad for Chris Horner. :( So.. lets hope that he's okay! The verdict is still out on whether he can race or not. So.. *fingers crossed* Here's the little bit of spinning I managed between classwork and watching the most intense bike crash I've seen yet.

Expect other things other than spinning soon. I need a break from this high fiber posting.

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