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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Knitting, and other things

Great blog title, right?
Well, I'm sure that its a bit of something or other. So.. here we go. First off, I'm listening to this guy. His song is on my iPod if it ever works again. Or my Laptop. Hugo (the laptop) decided that today, he'd like to not work. I wish I could choose that too!
So.. this song is awesome. I'm a bit of a gamer. So there's some of the other things. Also in some of the other things, I've been sleepy lately. As an EMT student, I've been doing hours at local squads and ambulances. So.. yes. sleepy.
I've been to calls of all sorts of things, from feeling dizzy to plane crashes. not bad for a student! Its exciting in some ways, and depressing in others. No one wants to go to calls where we think someone's dead. I even almost went to an ambulance crash. There's a lot of those. Luckily, I avoided it by already being on a call.
Thats from nowhere near me, I found it on google.

So.. there's the other stuff. How bout some knitting?

If you are a tour de france fan, then- believe it or not- there's a knitting group for that.
This Summer, for the first time, I will be spinning in The Tour De Fleece. Thats right! Every year, the spinners create beautiful yarns while watching the tour. You can join as many teams or as few as you want. So..I'm in five. Or more.
My main team is the HPKCHC- Like Always, if you dont know them, then you dont know them. Its a great group. I found this image, to give you a hint to what we're about, and its become our team jersey this year. I'm very excited!
So there it is. Thats a big hint, by the way!

I'm on to exciting things. Today, I've been working on a baby blanket, a scarf, and a pair of socks. If you've never worn hand knit socks, find a knitter and buy a pair. support the fiber!
For the last bit..I guess I should talk about yesterday and the most unexpected email ever.
The World Record scarf is set to cast on on the 26th. I've got to find a place, and some witnesses as well to this event. I'm not sure yet. Its a weird 21 birthday..but I'm not so normal. Here's a photo of what the scarf used to look like.. until next time.. (not this month) I'll see you.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Today is Good. So far.

She stared at her inbox, as if disbelieving the message that was there. The day before, she had deleted all of her GWR posts, about her hopes of making the world's longest scarf. So..the fact that the email was there, was almost to unreal. She opened it, sure that Once again, it wouldn't work. The Scarf had been her dream for so long, and her dissapointment. So..what was it doing there? She looked at what it said. Then, she smiled. Good to start over. Good to Go. Lets rock it.

Yes, once again, I will be casting on for the worlds longest scarf! The date is set- cast on is July 26th, 2011. My 21 birthday! In case you're curious.. I dont need yarn as of right now. Nope. Here's why-

Meet the forty or more skeins from attempts 1-3. As you see..there's a lot to get through first. at least the first 100 feet are in these two bins, as well as scarf number 3! It'll be ripped out soon and put in ball form. So.. until this is up, I think I'm set on yarn.
Most of its going to The Scarf as it will always be to me, but dont think that its all going straight there. Meet the first other project thats getting sold from the yarn.
What do you do with that money? Well, thats simple. It goes in here. This big water jug and the attempt to fill it before Relay For Life 2011. I've got a bit to go on that as well. Soon, the Etsy shop will be set up and things will get going.
Alright. Its been a long morning and a night with not enough sleep. So.. keep crafty y'all! I have to go finish some socks! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Change the World- Spinning

watch her, the girl that spins- can you see her as she grins? twirling, twirling oh so fast- How I've wondered at her path. Full of Wanderlust, full of Heart- Its hard to find a place to start. Quick to laugh, and quick to cry- dancing and rain and sleeping in sunshine...How she longs to be one that roams... but for now she sits at home. 

For a few weeks, I've been thinking. Well, mainly studying.
My name is TKJ, and I may be an EMT. I studied hard, but its the type of test that you stare at and hope you answered right. Answered the vague- wishy- washy nonsense they wanted.
Lets run a few things down the list, shall we?

What I am/ What I do
I am a juggler.
I am a knitter.
I am a spinner.
I am a writer.
I am a believer in many things.
I am a dreamer.
I am a medical student.
I am a charity worker.
I am so much more than what I am.

Here's to a blog. Here's to hoping I'll write most days. Hold on tight, and catch a ride. You never know where the road leads, or where you might end up.
Here's to Bohemia, and being much more than what you are.

I really want photos on my blog daily as since I was too tired to pick up my camera..I thought I'd put  what I am ordering for my birthday instead. :)

Yes, that is a spindle. Used for making yarn, of course. 
And this is the roving I want to get as well. I love it!