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Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 4,5, and 6.

Hello There! The  last time you saw me was on Day Three, where I admitted that once again, I ran out of yarn.

Its okay, if you know me, this isn't a surprise. Hat day, anyone? Both times?

Running out of yarn halfway through things is the story of my life, I think.'s the catch up for Days 4-6.

Day 4 was the day that I really had to push the fact that I didnt have yarn. I spent some of Day Three spinning- the blue/grey was new. As for day four, it was the bright shock of color from an Amy batt, who makes the batts in Bohemia Fibers.

Day 5 was also spinning. It was more of blue. There's a lot of blue involved. I've been spinning blue a lot.


Day 6? More blue. I own a lot of blue and grey. 

So, here's some more stuff. 

I've been working on other things too, like spinning yarn for The Scarf, working on a baby blanket.. and.. you may have guessed it was coming. 
Here we go. 
Its a Ravelry Group. 

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