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Friday, August 5, 2011

Days 7,9, and 10, and... You've got Questions, We've got Answers!

Yes, I know that Day 8 is missing. I accidently unformatted Day 8. Not that I managed a lot of knitting on day 8. Seriously, I have other things going on too! And I even almost had a photo! Not that I know what happened, since I unformatted the last four photos.

Okay, we'll start with Day 7. The First of August. And boy, did I like August First. It was a day split between spinning yarn, making fish, and starting my camp NanoWrimo novel. Horror novel, of course! I love horror. I one day wish to be a Master of Horror, like Stephen King. 
DAY 8 : The Invisible Photo!!

Yup, that's about right. 
Yeah, I was spinning yarn that day, as I didnt have enough homespun. That's where the majority of the work went. I may have managed a couple inches of knitting instead. 
Day 9 was similar, except.... 
Thats right! Six feet! I have completed the first six feet, so now I'm getting out of the handmade yarn and into the machine made. I never thought I'd miss acrylic, but hey, I dont have to spin it before I knit it! 
Which leads to day 10. Can you guess the color scheme I'm using?

Yes, that says I made a costume. Still working on it too! 

Now.. how about the Q&A?

FlyKytten asks: How many stitches did you cast on, what weight yarn, and what size needles? ;)

Size 6 US, 33 stitches, with something similar to worsted weight. I made the first two yarns, so I'm not sure what the weight actually was. 

Wren3447 asks: Where do you keep The Scarf when you’re not working on it?

Wherever it fits! Right now, it still fits in my purse or backpack. Later on, it has a nice home under my sewing desk, once it gets to big to carry. After that.. well, we don't use the guest room! 

 Txfish wondered: are you (for your own personal tastes or for world record regulations) tied to any particular type of fiber for your donations, or will this be a who-cares-what-it’s-made-of-it’s-AWESOME thing?

WHO CARES WHAT ITS MADE OF ITS AWESOME THING!!! personally. I take all types of fibers and colors. I tend to be drawn toward variated yarn, it makes it more interesting. I do have a ton of solids, so Its getting stripes! What? I have to figure out how to keep it interesting. 

And.. for the final question this week....

What are you doing with the Finished Scarf?

Honestly, I'm not keeping it. There may be a few sections I keep, but its not staying in one piece. I'm selling it to charities, and donating what isn't sold within a year of it making the books. Because what am I going to do with a 2.5 mile scarf? 

So, thats all the time we have for this week! I'll see you Monday, with fun filled photos of where I am going this weekend, and, of course ThatScarf. Which is now on Twitter! Dont ask, lol. 


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