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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Days 18-22

Ah. Yes.

Well, it seems that this week, Scarf and I aren't too friendly. I've just been busy with other things.
For one, its the end of summer. Usually, I'd be packing away the camping supplies, throwing out the old clothes that were eaten at camp, and find the clothes that I need for school. I'd buy some books.

The past couple of days, I've upended all of the stuff in my room. Yup. All of It. I have three bags of clothes, purses, backpacks, and books to go.

I went out and bought school books.

I had a sleep over with a friend. 
I've been working on a novel. 
I've been studying. 
I've been cleaning.
I've been knitting. 

Thats about it. There's nothing really exciting going on at the moment. 
I think I need a boost, lol. 
Nerf gun fight, anyone?

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