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Friday, August 12, 2011

Days 14-17: and a couple questions.

  If you read through the blog post of doom yesterday, thanks! I'm glad you did. I just had this big idea I needed to work out. So.. here's the photos of the last few days!

So.. as you see, I've started my descent down the stairs. Yup, ran out of room upstairs for it.

here are a couple questions and answers! It is Friday after all..

A while back, ACWMaiden asked: Was there a Guinness Representative there?
Nope. There doesnt have to be an adjudicator there at all, as long as there is ample proof that we are abiding within GWR regulations. I plan on having one there at the end. Still looks like I have 25-30 years left.

ZsaZsa7 asks: "How long is the world's longest scarf and how much more do you want your scarf to surpass it by?"
Good question! The current scarf is sitting pretty at 2.15 miles. Yup. I'm aiming for 2.5, but it may end up longer if someone breaks it before I finish it.

So.. that's about it today. I'll be updating some other places too, don't worry!
Till then,
Stay Crafty!


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