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Monday, June 27, 2011

Today is Good. So far.

She stared at her inbox, as if disbelieving the message that was there. The day before, she had deleted all of her GWR posts, about her hopes of making the world's longest scarf. So..the fact that the email was there, was almost to unreal. She opened it, sure that Once again, it wouldn't work. The Scarf had been her dream for so long, and her dissapointment. So..what was it doing there? She looked at what it said. Then, she smiled. Good to start over. Good to Go. Lets rock it.

Yes, once again, I will be casting on for the worlds longest scarf! The date is set- cast on is July 26th, 2011. My 21 birthday! In case you're curious.. I dont need yarn as of right now. Nope. Here's why-

Meet the forty or more skeins from attempts 1-3. As you see..there's a lot to get through first. at least the first 100 feet are in these two bins, as well as scarf number 3! It'll be ripped out soon and put in ball form. So.. until this is up, I think I'm set on yarn.
Most of its going to The Scarf as it will always be to me, but dont think that its all going straight there. Meet the first other project thats getting sold from the yarn.
What do you do with that money? Well, thats simple. It goes in here. This big water jug and the attempt to fill it before Relay For Life 2011. I've got a bit to go on that as well. Soon, the Etsy shop will be set up and things will get going.
Alright. Its been a long morning and a night with not enough sleep. So.. keep crafty y'all! I have to go finish some socks! 

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